Our goal is to create a 5 minute+ holiday, in coffee paradise. The main destination at the moment is in the Islands of Utrecht (Kanaleneiland), but we love to travel…



Europalaan 500
3526KS Utrecht (inside shared business space “De Stadstuin”)

Opening hours are:
Mon-Fri 08.00 – 17.00

For car navigation use “Eendrachtslaan 100”. Looking for a parking spot? Parking C (payed) or street parking is often also available.

Treasure map


We love to share our passion for coffee, especially catered for you, We are just starting to coach for Barista Hustle. Check out or Instagram or Facebook to check the dates.

We are announcing our group first class! The first coaching sessions of “Barista One” will be October 5th from 15.00-18.00.

In our trial period we will use a reduced tariff of €150 ex. BTW. Everyone enrolling into the class has to finish the homework of finishing the “Barista One” course on the website. By doing this we can focus on taking all the theory into practice. If you are not a member of Barista Hustle, we can enroll you (free of extra charge) prior to the class. Passing the course will give you a certificate of Barista Hustle. Drop us an e-mail if you want to enroll to this class, need more information or want to stay updated on future classes. With all classes we use delicious specialty coffee, fresh milk and we use small groups of max. 4 people.

Send us an email to enroll

Our training is always given by Dagmar (2nd place in The Dutch Barista Championships 2017, 3th in 2018 and holds a SCA certificate Barista Professional). All trainings can be given in English or in Dutch, and can be customised to your specific needs. Email us about the options to learn about Extraction, SensoryBarflow or Latte Art. On a professional level, at your location or bar or as a home enthusiast.

Cafe Menu

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We strive to work with traceable producers, specialty ingredients and work with a seasonal menu. Most of our food and drinks are made in-house or produced by people we have met, and love to drink coffee with.


Tea time

We always pick unflavoured flavour packed tea leaves. We always serve an option of green tea, oolong or black. Our supplier are By Trinitea, Crusio Tea and Hot Soup. You will taste unique flavour characteristics tracing back to these plantations in your tea. Ask us where our tea is from!

Our Coffee Roasters

We love working with various coffee roasters, like Bonanza, Manhattan, Talormade, Keen Coffee or Friedhats. The roasters we work with make sure the quality of the coffee is high, and the farmers are paid for the quality they deliver. We love to tell you all about what we are brewing at the moment! We always have a different option for filter and espresso, and sometimes we have something extra 😉

Our milk (wo)men

Our milk is fully traceable with help from Queens of Dairy . They work with amazing farmers, who really take care of the cows resulting in delicious milk. Normally we serve milk from Jersey cows, but occasionally we serve some delicious cappuccino’s from Holstein ladies too. Feel free to ask to try both! We reduce our waste by making our own yoghurt with the waste from our milk.
We helped Queens of Dairy make sure the milk pairs amazing with coffee. Drinking our cappuccino’s is at your own risk. We get a lot of complaints: most of our regulars don’t like cappuccino’s anywhere else anymore… Sorry!

Our Eggs

We bake all our cakes with the eggs from chickens in de Meije. They are incorporated in our mayonaise too. We’re pretty jealous on the amount of space they can dance around in, and from what we’ve heard gorgeous nature. A lady in our shared office space (the chickens neighbour) delivers these eggs weekly to us (Dankjewel Sandra!!).

Our cacao

The chocolate we use is produced by Chocolate Tree . At Chocolate Tree they know all producers, they work with. This makes sure the farmers get a sustainable price for their cocoa and also ensures quality. The cocoa is carefully roasted, and made into shaved chocolate, so we can easily melt it into our hot chocolate. But we also love to use this in our brownies! We use their Peruvian Chocolade

Our (very delicious) Sourdough

Our bread is sourced by Vlaamsch Broodhuys. They naturally let the bread ferment to create delicious sourdough bread, which is the base for all our toasties. The starter of this sourdough bread has been in use since the very start of the bakery. The wheat comes from a rare wheat race in France. Bonus tip: listen to this great episode of Gastropod on the micro-organism culture in a Sourdoughs.